For SUZUKI RE5M A RL250 L M Exacta GT500 A B Titan Set 35mm 7/8" 22mm CNC Moto Clip Ons Rised-up And Normal Handle Bars Grips

$27.57 $42.42

  • Unit Type: Pair
  • Package Weight: 0.65kg (1.43lb.)
  • Package Size: 30cm x 30cm x 20cm (11.81in x 11.81in x 7.87in)

Welcome to our shop, welcome to wholesale. Fitment : 35mm For Honda CBX 79-80 For Honda CL72 Scrambler 250 72 For Honda CL77 Scrambler 305 77 For Honda MR250 Elsinore 76 For Honda SL350 Motosport 350 72 For Honda CB450 70-74 35mm For Honda CL450 Scrambler 69-72 For Honda CB500 500 Four 71-73 For Honda CX500 C Custom 81-82 For Honda GB500 89-90 For Honda GL500/I 81-82 For Honda CB550 550 Four K 74-78 For Honda CB650 79-80 For Honda CB650 81-82 For Honda CB650 80 For Honda CB750 750 Four 70-72 For Honda CB750 A 750 Hondamatic 76-78 For Honda CB750 C Custom 80-82 For Honda CB750 K 69 For Honda CB750 F Super Sport 75-78 For Honda CB750 F 79-80 For SUZUKI RE5M A For SUZUKI RL250 L/M Exacta 74-75 For SUZUKI TS250 1 Savage 69 69 For SUZUKI TS250 B/C/N 77-79 For SUZUKI GN400 80-82 For SUZUKI GN400 T/XT/XX/TX/TZ 80-82 For SUZUKI TM400 K/L/M Cyclone 73-75 For SUZUKI GS450 LD 83 For SUZUKI GS450 LF/LG/LH/LJ 85-88 For SUZUKI GT500 A/B Titan 76-77 For SUZUKI GT550 J/K Indy 72-73 For SUZUKI GT550 K KAYABA / L 73-74 For SUZUKI GS550 B/C/EC 77-78 For SUZUKI GS550 LN/LT 79-80 For SUZUKI GS550 LX/ LZ 81-82 For SUZUKI GS550 LG 86 For SUZUKI GR650 D/XD Tempter 83 For SUZUKI GS650 81-83 For SUZUKI GS650 EX/EZ 81-82 For SUZUKI GS650 GLX/GLZ/GLD 81-83 For SUZUKI GT750 Lemans 72-77 For SUZUKI GS750 B/C/EC 77-78 For SUZUKI GS750 EX/EZ 81-82 For SUZUKI GS750 LT/LX 80-81 For SUZUKI GS750 TZ/TD 82-83 For YAMAHA RZ350 84-86 For YAMAHA YZ100 G/H 80-81 For YAMAHA IT125 H 81 For YAMAHA RT180 A/B/C 90-93 For YAMAHA XT200 J/K/KC 82-83 For YAMAHA XT250 G/H/J/K/KC 80-83 For YAMAHA TZ250 C/D/E 76-78 For YAMAHA TZ250 F 79 For YAMAHA RZ350 L/N/NC/NCII 84-85 For YAMAHA TZ350 /C/D/E 72-78 For YAMAHA XS400 J/K Maxim 82-83 For YAMAHA SR500 E/F/G/H 78-81 For YAMAHA XS500 C/D/E 76-78 For YAMAHA XJ550 RH/RJ/RK Seca 81-83 For YAMAHA XZ550 RJ/RK Vision 82-83 For YAMAHA XS650 D/E/F/2F 77-79 For YAMAHA XS650 SE/SF/SG/SH/SJ 78-82 For YAMAHA TX750/A 73-74 For YAMAHA XS750 D 77 For KZ-550 H1/H2 GP 82-83 For ZX-550 A1-A3 GPz 84-86 Features: 1,Ltem Type: Rised-up And Normal clip-on handlebars 2,Removable handlebar 3,Good manipulating and stability at high speed Specifications: 2,Material: T6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy 3,Handle Bar Size:22mm & 7/8 inch 4,Color: Black Gold Silver 5,Package: 1 pair clip-on handlebars 6,Condition: Brand New 7,Easy to install,installation instructions not included. 8,Brand new aftermarket item.

  • Item Type: Grips
  • Model Name: For SUZUKI RE5M A RL250 L M Exacta GT500 A B Titan
  • Item Height: 0inch
  • Item Weight: 0kg
  • Item Diameter: 0inch
  • Material Type: T6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy
  • Item Length: 22inch
  • Item Width: 0inch
  • Brand Name: ELFRhino
  • For All Model: For Kawasaki Yamaha Suzuki Honda Ducati
  • High-quality: Yes
  • Item 1: Clip Ons Handlebars
  • Item 2: Handlebars
  • Item 3: Bars Grips
  • Item 4: Grips
  • Item type 1: For 35mm
  • Item type 2: Moto Clip On Handlebars
  • Item type 3: CNC Clip On Handlebars
  • Item type 4: Clip On Handlebars

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